Jo’s Plant Potions: What Is A Tincture?

 What are tinctures?

Tinctures are concentrated edible plant extracts made by soaking herbs in a special liquid solution called a “menstruum”. A menstrrum is usually a combination of water, alcohol, and/or glycerin. This soaking process works to extract all of the beneficial plant actives out into the this liquid which once strained is called a tincture. Tinctures can be made with fresh or dried flowers, leaves, barks, roots, or berries - and the herbs chosen are of the utmost importance.

How do they work?

Tinctures are taken by mouth and we recommend taking them in a little bit of water or juice.

Because tinctures often contain alcohol, they are absorbed quickly in the digestive tract and can yield quick results (depending on your body and the combination of herbs used).

Why tinctures instead of capsules or tea?

  1. Tinctures are minimally processed natural herbal supplements that can be used for a lot of everyday issues from anxiety (Be Easy) to digestive issues (Tum Ease) to period cramps (Cycle Support).
  2. They tend to have less side effects than their pharmaceutical counterparts. That’s not to say that tinctures are complete western medicine alternatives - but they can enhance your daily life and possibly replace traditional medicines for everyday inconveniences!*
  3. They’re quick and easy! You’d need to drink several cups of tea to equal the same dose as a few droppefuls of a tincture. Plus alcohol can draw out plant properties that water can’t, which makes tinctures much more beneficial (and often stronger) - because you’re ingesting a more complex and complete herbal extract!

All in all our tinctures are a great way to get in your daily dose of herbs and enhance your life from the inside out! We highly recommend adding at least one tincture to your routine so you can see what the hype is all about! It just might rock your world!

What Makes Jo’s Plant Potions So Special?

Jo’s Plant Potions are our spin on tinctures. They’re made with organic and wildcfrafted herbs, organic cane alcohol, and distilled Water. Each of our potions are steeped for 4-6 weeks to extract the most out of our herbal blends while also allowing us to keep our potions consistently in stock. Our potions are also packaged in UV black glass so that your product is first day fresh ‘til the last drop.

Will Jo's Plant Potions Get Me Drunk?

No! Jo's Plant Potions will not get you drunk as the amount of alcohol ingested when taking our plant potions as per our serving suggestion is very minimal. It is very important however, to consult the directions on the product label and not to take more than what is recommended unless told otherwise by a medical practitioner. If you are apprehensive about alcohol intake in general you can place the suggested serving of tincture into a cup with a little bit of boiling water and wait 5-10 minutes before drinking. This will reduce the alcohol content by about 15%.

I thought Jo’s Body Shop was just about skincare?

From day one I knew that Jo’s Body Shop was never going to stop at skincare, because I had an acute awareness that EVERYTHING we use on ourselves and around us has a direct impact on our health AND the health of the earth. 💕

Coming out with Jo’s Plant Potions has brought us one step closer to achieving a more holistic vision of Jo’s Body Shop and it’s also brought so much joy and curiosity to me in the process!

I remember walking down the aisles of a popular local grocer seeing tinctures and herbal supplements - a world unbeknownst to me at the time - and also one that wasn’t easy to understand. As someone who didn’t grow up with a depth of knowledge about holistic and herbal medicine, I decided to do some digging on my own and in the process a new world and wealth of knowledge opened up to me about the healing benefits of herbs.

I know many have a thorough knowledge of herbs while others are still in the dark about the traditional (and science-backed) benefits of the plants that grow all around us. And that's where we come in:

Jo’s Plant Potions were designed to make plant medicine more accessible and familiar rather than inaccessible, confusing, and strange like they were to me.

I really hope you love our potions as much as you love our skincare goodies! And as always we thank you for trusting us and believing in us and we’re so excited to keep showing you what we’ve got in store for you and our shop!

Jo 💕


We believe that herbal medicine and modern medicine can coexist synergistically. 


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